If you’ve got a concern with your kitchen appliance not working properly because of this not really very cold, or this failing woefully to reach the right heat, there’s zero reason you are unable to repair instead of replace the freezer your self.

To provide you with a helping hands, below you will discover advice around the 5 most frequent faults associated with your refrigerator not really very cold, information on a few of the less common faults and moreover guidance on how exactly to repair your freezer.


Before you begin to identify your refrigerator, there are some points we suggest you’re acquainted with – like the temperature the freezer ought to be at, as well as the need for maintaining your freezer found in the right area – as they may be the cause your refrigerator isn’t very cold.


The perfect heat for your refrigerator is -18°C. By having the freezer in the right heat not only do you want to help keep your meal safe simply by preserving nutrition and which are slowing the enzymes inside your food, nonetheless it will also assist in preventing the growth of bacterias.

Testing the freezer’s heat is relatively simple. Just create a freezer thermometer between two hand bags of vegetables inside the freezer and keep this kind of for two several hours, before looking at.


The positioning of your refrigerator could make all of the difference to how very well your equipment performs. If it’s placed in a location which is too warm or too cold, the refrigerator will be asked to work harder to remain in the correct heat and this can lead to faults producing.

To give you an improved idea of where you can keep your refrigerator you should examine the weather course of your equipment. This provides guidance to the minimum amount and maximum heat your appliance ought to be exposed to, as well as the weather classes available are the following…

  • In – minimal temperature sama dengan 16°C, optimum temperature sama dengan 32°C
  • SN — minimum heat = 10°C, maximum heat = 32°C
  • SAINT – minimal temperature sama dengan 18°C, optimum temperature sama dengan 38°C
  • T — minimum heat = 18°C, maximum heat = 43°C

Generally of thumb, we’d also recommend you don’t place your refrigerator directly following to the oven or because of sunlight, as this may expose the applying to prolonged heat, leading to it needing to work harder.


Understandably, in case your freezer isn’t very freezing properly you will be worried – especially as there is an excellent opportunity your meal may spoil. However the trigger for your freezer not really freezing could possibly be relatively simple, and here are the 5 common known reasons for such a fault.


Preferably the fondre coils on your own freezer ought to be cleaned every single half a year. This kind of is usually since, if they’re too much dirty they don’t have the ability to desolve the heat efficiently, which will decrease the cooling capability of your refrigerator.

Cleaning the condenser coils is a comparatively simple job, that involves operating the vacuum line more than the coils to lift away and aside any dirt and grime which might be blockage them up.


The evaporator fan engine draws air over the evaporator coils and circulates it during your freezer, in the event that this is not operating your refrigerator won’t awesome. You can examine in the event the evaporator lover motor may be the issue together with your freezer simply by starting the freezer door and by hand activating the entranceway switch.

In the event that the entranceway change is triggered however your evaporator fan does not work, the evaporator lover will require changing, also to do that we recommend you follow the steps below.

  1. Disconnect the refrigerator from the droits and vacant your refrigerator, it’s wise to put any meals into awesome hand bags as well as boxes.
  2. Take away the shelves and drawers from your own freezer along with other things which may prevent removing the trunk freezer wall structure.
  3. Undo the screws keeping the rear wall structure set up, prior to lifting aside the wall structure to expose the evaporator lover.
  4. Disconnect the wires linked to the evaporator fan — it’s wise to have a photo of the way the cables will be connected so that you can match these types of correctly later on.
  5. With the cables disconnected draw the lover blade away making use of your fingertips, before making the enfold over and drawing the evaporator fan engine out.
  6. Place the alternative evaporator lover engine on to the engine shaft, prior to refitting the fan blades and linking the cables. When everything is usually linked, invert steps a few to at least one you to reassemble the refrigerator.


The beginning relay on your own freezer gives capacity to the compressor. This implies if the beginning relay isn’t very operating, in greatest the freezer’s air compressor will continue to work periodically – or perhaps as is usually more likely, never, indicating the freezer will not freeze.

If you believe the beginning relay on your own freezer reaches fault, you can attempt it with a multimeter. If the multimeter shows a fault, you will have to change the beginning relay.


If your evaporator coils have frozen over the mandatory air will never be in a position to pass over them, and this can lead to the refrigerator not really very cold correctly. In that scenario, all of us recommend you manually defrost the refrigerator for at the least a day prior to switching the applying back upon. This will ideally rectify the situation.


The heat control temperature control system directs volts to differing of your refrigerator, and if this is not working properly your refrigerator won’t great.

Screening the thermostat is really as simple because rotating this from its cheapest setting to its greatest, and hearing intended for a “click”. In the event the “click” isn’t audible, before making a decision the temperature control system may be the mistake it is suggested to check it having a multimeter intended for continuity. Just after that, if a fault is situated in the event you replace the thermostat.

Other Potential Causes:

Even though the 5 factors in the above list will be the most common known reasons for your refrigerator no more very cold, there are several additional probable triggers which it can recommended you check prior to condemning the freezer towards the scrap pile and begin searching for a replacement.

Included in this are:

Faulty as well as Damaged Door Seal — if your refrigerator door seal off is considerably damaged, which risk chilly air coming from the applying will certainly escape and heated air coming from beyond your equipment may leak in. Therefore can make it harder for your appliance to attain the proper temperature to freeze.
Compressor Pump – that is applicable mainly to frost-free freezers, of course, if yours seems to have stopped functioning, you might have a fault with the compressor pump, which can be located guiding your equipment and appears like a circular black container.
You should be in a position to experience a warmth from the pump as you may put your odds near this, if there is no heat or perhaps the machine does not look like softly vibrating, there is an excellent opportunity it has halted working. Regrettably, in that scenario it is simpler (and possibly cheaper) to get a new refrigerator, instead of restoration the compressor pump.

Making the effort to identify the mistake together with your refrigerator and fixing it your self can help you save profit both brief and extended term.

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